Kitten te koop!

Cattery Ladoga

Welcome to Cattery “Ladoga” home page! “Ladoga” is the name for an incredibly beautiful natural Lake in Karelia (Northern Russia), just as beautiful as our cats are. The lake is one of the biggest in Europe and is located between Saint-Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. According to the legend, it is where Russian Blues, once called Arkhangel’sk Cats, originated from.


Our first Russian Blue boy Arhip Onega (or just Gorbi at home) arrived in 2001 from Riga (Latvia). He is doing incredibly well at the Cat Shows and has recently become a European Champion. We were so charmed with his beauty and loving temper that we decided to get a girl.

In 2003 we found our Zvizda’s Galubka Ladoga the Great (Galubka at home) at the “Zvizda” cattery in Netherland. Galubka is definitely an Alfa female in our cats’ family. She is graceful and has this special look that captures you with vivid green eyes. Galubka and Gorbi instantly became a loving couple. Gorbi, as a real gentleman, allows his girlfriend to be the mistress of the house. They produce healthy and happy kittens.

We kept one of the females Ladoga’s Alina Chaika from Gorbi and Galubka first litter. In 2006 Alina, gave a birth to a semi-longhair litter. And that how we have got our very own Nebelung kittens! The Nebelung breed can be described as a longhaired Russian Blues. Breed standard was based on the breed standard for a Russian Blue with one difference coat length. Besides, long-hair cats make perfect sence in cold North-Russian environment.

Our goal is to produce happy and beautiful, healthy kittens that have nice loving temper. All our kittens are raised with love on our laps. We never cage our cats. We have a small cattery but serious breeding program.